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All Bocceroo ball diameters are designed for social purposes and suitable for any playing surfaces. If you’re not sure about which size to purchase, we advise the Bocceroo 95mm or 100mm social set as a commonly used ball diameter. 92mm sets are more applicable for schools/juniors or a fun social game at the beach due to its light weight characteristics. Whereas, 107mm sets are more suitable for playing on competition courts or grass.

For the more serious players, the ball diameter is dependent on the players hand size. As a rule of thumb here is a procedure you can follow: Face the palm of each hand towards each other with both your elbows and wrists touching. Open your hands while keeping your wrists and elbows in contact and place a ball symmetrically in your hands and rap your fingers firmly around the circumference of the ball. If the tips of your middle fingers just touch, it’s a perfect ball diameter. If they overlap, it's undersized, and if there is a gap between them, it's oversized.

Alternatively, if you do not have a ball to try with the above method, refer to the below diagram and table for sizes relative to your hand measurement:

selcet a bocce ball size

d (mm) x (mm)
Metallic Synthetic
Min - Max Min - Max
90 150 - 175      
91 176 - 176      
92 177 - 178 150 - 180
93 179 - 180      
94 181 - 182      
95 183 - 184 181 - 188
96 185 - 186      
97 187 - 188      
98 189 - 190      
99 191 - 192      
100 193 - 208+ 189 - 200
107       201 - 208+

 Note: This table is a guide only 



Synthetic ball weights come in set weights, refer to our on-line store for more information. However, metallic sets are custom made and if you’re not sure about which weight to purchase, we advise 1040g as a commonly used weight for social/competition purposes. However, for elite competition purposes the weight of metallic balls are important and depend on which event/s you specialise in. Generally a heavier ball is ideal for bowlers (pointing) and a lighter ball is ideal for throwers (throwing). Below is a guide on typical weight relative to your event:

1000g Progressive and/or Precision throw player

1020g Combined (Bowl/Throw) player

1040g Traditional player (mainly a thrower) or Social use

1050g+ Traditional player (mainly a bowler)

Contact us for further assistance in choosing the best weight/diameter ratios.



This is a personal choice. However, the ideal line types for a thrower is one with a greater number and more evenly distributed lines for an even grip. For a bowler, a minimal number of lines would be ideal and for an all-rounder, a medium number of lines is ideal.

Line depths can also be selected, depending on the player’s preference, such as shallow, normal, or deep. Majority of players get a normal depth line type. To diminish the risk of breaks select a ball with minimal lines. Refer to our on-line store for different line type available.