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Bocceroo only supply top quality Bocce products at reasonable value, our synthetic Bocce balls have been tested to resist high impact and precision and will last you a life time on any playing surface. Ball diameters are designed to fit in the palm of your hand with a tolerance of +/- 0.6mm and particular to your level of experience; school & junior (92/95mm), social (92/95/100/107mm), or elite (106/107mm). Functional and balanced ball weights have been perfectly measured to give true direction to a bowl and throw.


Bocceroo also supply synthetic target balls which are used in elite Bocce volo throwing events. The ‘Progressive Throw’ event consists of an athlete throwing metallic Bocce balls in an attempt to knock out synthetic white target balls placed on specially designed mats positioned at either end of the 27.5m long court. The athlete is required to be in a continuous state of running as he/she runs alternatively in both directions of the court. During a 5 minute period, an athlete will throw a total of 50kg of brass/alloy Bocce balls and cover about 1200 metres. The synthetic target balls undergo a high impact load of more than 15kg from each metallic bocce ball hit.

Typically, target balls are continuously reused. In training, an athlete can knock out over 1000no. target balls per week. The Bocceroo target balls have been trialled in elite training and competitions over many years and to this day, the same trial set is still being used without any cracking.

The synthetic balls in all Bocceroo sets are made from the same one piece durable solid construction high quality resin composite material, with impact resistant characteristics.


Many synthetic bocce sets on the market are made in China from low quality recycled materials such as cheap fillers (refer to diagram of a ball split in half below). They are generally misleadingly labelled as ‘competition’ bocce sets. After a few times of use, the effects of these materials are made evident by the following characteristics: Colour fading to white, material deformation, cracking, splitting, and etched surface lines will disappear. Furthermore, the sizes are excessive; typically balls greater than 107mm in diameter are non-functional and not recommended for social use. Note that Bocce ball sizes used in official ‘Bocce Raffa’ competition are 107mm for Men and 106mm for Women.


Inside a bocce ball