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Bocce (sport-boules) is one of the oldest yet newest sports. A bowls sport for all sport lovers and levels of fitness, used to socialise and keep in touch with friends and family or to keep mentally and physically fit. Bocceroo was established at a time when buying good quality bocce products in Australia was difficult to find with limited options and poor quality.Bocceroo kangaroo

Designed by elite international bocce players to cater for all your bocce needs Bocceroo offers a range of synthetic social bocce sets particular to your level of experience; school, junior, social, or elite. Designed to comfortably fit in the palm of your hand with uniquely engraved lines for a firm grip and unique marbelized colours, accompanied by custom made accessories in a slick black bocce bag, you won’t need anything more.

Our metallic range caters for the more competitive athletes, offering patent registered products such as a tempered spiral biconical steel springs bocce ball infill used by some of the worlds best. All our metallic bocce sets are custom made to your requirements - Infill type, diameter, engraved line type, line depth, and weight. With a wide range of elite accessories. Browse our product range and buy online or enquire about our services now!


Ideal for Fun Social or competitive purposes. Our synthetic bocce range are made from one piece durable solid construction high quality resin composite material with impact resistant characteristics and can be used on any court surfaces indoor or outdoor such as grass, sand, carpet, etc… Each ball consists of a particular hand crafted two colour marbleised blend and unique symmetrically engraved lines for a firm grip, including the bocceroo kangaroo logo. Ball diameters are at a tolerance of +/- 0.6mm and ball weight is balanced to give true direction to a bowl and throw. Balls have been tested to high impact and precision.


Ideal for Fun Social or Competitive (Volo Rules) purposes. Our metallic bocce range are made from a durable brass/alloy composite material. Each ball is custom made to the player’s specifications: Infill type, Diameter, Engraved Line Type, Line Depth, and Weight.

The ‘La Boule D’Or’ factory produces top quality bocce, the fusion has a particular patented recipe, the ball stoppers are a conical patented shape and manually struck to prevent unscrewing. All lines are engraved in a conical manner and different line depths (shallow, medium, lightly deep, and deep) with an option to engrave your initials. All balls are perfectly spherical and balanced and made respecting the FIB (Fédération Internationale de Boules) norms and hence don’t contain liquid substances such as Mercury or Oil. All these products come with a 12 month production guarantee.