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Traditional Game



-To bowl ball closest to the jack,

-With the option of shooting out opponents balls

-Can be played in Singles (with 4 bowls per player),

-Doubles (with 3 bowls per player),

-Triples or Quadruples (with 2 bowls per player)




-Game begins with one team throwing the jack from behind the foot line.

-Landing in the 5m rectangle playing area

-If failing to land in the 5m rectangle, the opposition can place the jack anywhere within the 5m rectangle (at least 50cm from side lines)

-Team who throws the jack delivers first bowl

-Team that does not hold the advantage delivers the next bowl and so on

-When a team has finished their bowls, opposition delivers the remainder of their bowls, if any



-Team with closest bowl to the jack at the completion of the end scores 1 point,

-And a further point for each other of their bowl/s closer to the jack than any of the opponents bowls.

-Game is played in ends

-First to 13 points wins

-Time limit can apply depending on competition directors.

Note: Different court dimensions are used for Women & U/14.