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Precision Throw

precisionmatValidity of the throw & Scoring 

The throw is valid when the object is regularly hit and definitively leaves the hole it occupies on the specially designed mat (figure 2). Furthermore the obstacle object must not at all definitively move from its marked positions (targets 7 and 8), or come out of the holes (targets 3,4,6,9,10). 

The number of points scored corresponds to the number of each target regularly hit as shown in the diagram. 

The throw is not valid if the object is moved due to any vibration of the mat. 


Rules of the Game 

Each player must effect a complete series of 11 throws from target 1 to target 11. The players throw, one after the other, one bowl for each target with a maximum time of 30 seconds allowed for each bowl.                                                                         

In case of error in the order of throwing, the incorrect throw or incorrect throws will be annulled and the game will continue from the normal progression. If all 11 targets are successfully hit, the athlete continues to throw from target 1 until he/she misses.